Is A Leopard Gecko A Good Office Pet?

Leopard Gecko best pet

Geckos are a great and popular choice for any office. These pet lizards are perfect for beginners. Not only are geckos fascinating to watch, they are also unique looking.

In many parts of the world, geckos are welcomed in the home, living on walls and ceilings, eating mosquitoes with its lightening speed tongue.

Geckos come in a remarkable selection of colours and patterns, which makes them very popular as pets, along with being interesting and enjoyable to watch. Some species can even change colour to blend in with their surroundings or in response to temperature changes.

Where should I keep my Leopard Gecko?

Leopard Geckos can be kept together, but be sure of the sex! More than one male in a terrarium will result in a death, where as keeping males and females together, will more than likely result in babies. If you want to start breeding Leopard Gecko’s you can make the terrarium more desirable by purchase a breeding hiding place!

These Geckos love to live in a 10 gallon or larger terrarium with a heated side set to around 88 degrees Fahrenheit, a cool side and at least one hiding area. where they can relax and sleep. You can also buy accessories and platforms to keep your gecko entertained. But be cautious on what you buy because the Leopards Gecko cannot climb as well as other breeds of Gecko.

Because Geckos are nocturnal, ultraviolet lighting isn’t required, but it’s recommended, as long as their diet contains vitamin D. You can line the bottom of the habitat with newspaper to help maintain the habitat, this should be replaced daily along with their feces and urine. Everything else should be deep cleaned 2-4 times per month.

What should I feed my Leopard Gecko?

Geckos generally feed on insects in the wild. Trying to keeping a Gecko’s diet as similar as possible is a good idea. Gecko’s love a diet of crickets, mealworms, wax worms and even new born mice!

Most young Geckos need to be fed daily but adults can be fed every other day. Always provide fresh water in a shallow dish, you don’t want your lizard friend to drown.

Are Leopard Geckos easy to look after?

Out of all the Geckos, The Leopard gecko is one of the most popular and easiest breeds to look after, making them one of the best pet lizards for all office workers and even children. They tend to be easy to tame as well as being relatively easy to care for. They’re not aggressive by nature but like all animals should be treated well.

Leopard Gecko Reading Book – a good office pet

Geckos tend to be easy to tame as well as being relatively easy to care for. The perfect employee.

How big does a Leopard Gecko grow?

They grow to around 9 inches and are easy to handle. They come in many colours, both eyes and skin! Great if you want to find a pet that matches your companies brand colour. More about the importance of a brand can be found here.

What’s the most beautiful Gecko?

Out of all the geckos, I think Leopard Geckos are the most beautiful. Unlike Many Gecko, Leopard Geckos have eye lids! They are always guaranteed to charm colleagues.

Can a Leopard Gecko live for 20 years?

A Leopard Gecko can live for over 20 years in your workplace if cared for properly.

Is a Leopard Gecko easy to breed?

In the right conditions, your Leopard Geckos will usually breed, on their own, without any human interference. A lot less hassle than the odd office romance.

You may find a couple of unexpected eggs in their nesting box. Adult males will not get along and will fight to the death, but you can keep a few females together with one male. It’s very rewarding when your own pets have hatchlings, especially in the office.

The Leopard Gecko is our number one choice when it comes to choosing a reptile pet. However, House Geckos and Crested Gecko’s are also great choices. Should the Gecko not be your thing, here are some alternative pets for the workplace.